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4 Common Sliding Door Problems to Avoid

Installing sliding doors in your home can be a great way to add an attractive accent to your space. They’re excellent when used for outdoor access and provide tons of obstruction-free natural light, and they’re equally nice to install throughout the home. However, sliding doors can also encounter a few unique—and at times uniquely frustrating—problems.

Follow along with the team at Shanco Companies while we detail the four most common complications of sliding doors, and how to deal with them!

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The Four Most Common Sliding Door Problems (& How to Fix Them)

While all of these are indeed fairly common, the good news is that with a little care, attention, and know-how, they can be dealt with easily.

Blockages in the Tracks

Even with indoor sliding doors, dirt and debris can cause this most common and obnoxious issue. Because the tracks and wheels require a very clean space to slide without trouble, great care needs to be taken in order to keep them clean. For the most part, a good, malleable brush or cloth can be used to keep the area clean, and this should be done weekly to avoid unnecessary damage and repair issues.

Worn Wheels

While most modern sliding doors are made to be fairly sturdy, it’s unlikely that they’ll last forever. Over time, the wheels found in the roller assembly may wear down, warp, or go out of alignment. This is a fairly simple issue to have repaired by a professional, but it shouldn’t be ignored because the damaged wheel can ruin the entire roller assembly.

Wear & Tear on Exterior Frame

If one of the sides of your sliding doors is exposed to the outside, you should plan to clean and maintain it routinely. Common dirt, grime, and complications caused by weather are some of the leading causes of untimely or premature sliding door replacement, and this is quite avoidable!

While maintaining your sliding door, it is also wise to examine the seals along the glass panes as well. Any cracking or lifting should be addressed with door repair to avoid moisture intrusion and severe damage to the door.

Bent Tracks

Whether caused by an incident or by simple wear and tear, bent tracks are a common nuisance among sliding doors. By removing the door and examining the track, you can determine if the bend is inward or outward. Depending on the severity of the bend, you might want to call on a professional for sliding door repair. A simple set of pliers or a rubber mallet may be able to handle very minor bends, but it is very important to understand that these tools can cause permanent damage if mishandled. Better to have a pro do it!

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