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Are Skylights Energy Efficient?

Modern homes have been making a huge push toward becoming more energy efficient in recent years to lower costs and improve energy efficiency. At Shanco Companies, we fully support the move toward energy efficiency, which is why we want to talk about one of our favorite, albeit lesser known, home upgrades: skylights.

Our team is dedicated to offering top-class home services to Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC homeowners. We carry extensive experience when it comes to installing skylights and we can help you get the perfect solution for your new, more efficient home.

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Benefits of Skylight Installation

A skylight is far more than just a ceiling-oriented window. They actually offer homeowners a lot of advantages at an affordable cost. By choosing to install skylights in your Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC home, you can expect to gain:

  • Higher cooling efficiency via ventilation
  • Natural and free heating in the winter through radiated sunlight
  • Access to natural light for brighter and more inviting rooms
  • Mood-boosting benefits
  • Privacy when compared to standard windows

How Skylights Help to Improve Energy Efficiency

When energy-efficient skylights are installed in a home, they provide many benefits. They can help to improve energy efficiency because:

  1. They help to mitigate cooling costs. In the summer and spring seasons, we often deal with some fairly warm days. But, since skylights can be designed to add ventilation, they can remove the hot air that hangs out and circulates around your ceiling—dropping temperatures an appreciable amount.
  2. They keep your home warmer in the winter. Plus, the addition of natural sunlight in the winter can account for a considerable three or four degrees of warmth, meaning you can tone down the furnace. Since home HVAC systems account for nearly half of the energy consumed in your home, a few degrees down on the thermostat could lead to some pretty big gains in efficiency!
  3. They are a substitute for electrical lighting. Natural light helps to improve your mood, it brightens rooms (literally and figuratively), and adds a lot of design benefits. When you include skylights in your home, you get plenty of great sunlight without compromising your privacy, which means you can stop using those incandescent bulbs so much.

Skylight Installation in MD, DC & VA

Shanco offers top-class skylight installation services to our clients in Maryland, Virginia, and the DC Metro area! We offer custom skylight solutions, helping you to get a product and service that exactly matches your tastes and home. As a leader in home services, we can offer the skill and experience needed to get the job done right!

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