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Ask Shanco-Does Installing Solar Panels Void My Roof Warranty?

With the benefits of tax deductions and easy financing, the widespread acceptance of solar panels has been happening in communities all over the United States, but can solar panels void your roof warranty? There are new modern technologies and efficiencies rolling out with regularity making transitioning away from the use of fossil fuels easier than ever. What do you need to consider when thinking about solar panel installation? And if roof mount is not an option, what other options are available to generate green solar energy?  

Can Installing Solar Panels Void my Roof Manufacturer Warranty?  

As a trusted roofing company in the Washington, NOVA, and Richmond markets, one of the most frequent questions the team at Shanco gets asked is, will installing solar panels void my roof warranty? This is a great question, and it depends on your manufacturer’s warranty.  

Depending on what your warranty says, there are several things that are paramount to ensuring that you meet or exceed the shingle manufacturer’s warranty. 

First, the installation of solar panels needs to adhere to the warranty expectations. Any deviation from the expectation could void your roof warranty. Ask your roofing contractor for a copy of your warranty. Schedule a consultation with the roofing company and the solar company to ensure that the details are worked out before anyone starts drilling holes in your roof.  

Second, get a roof inspection. If your roof is in the middle stages of its lifecycle or the tail end, it may behoove you to wait to install solar panels until you need a full roof replacement. Or it may be beneficial to look at other solar products that do not require a rack mount attachment that will puncture your roof.  

Third, look at solar reviews. If you see bad reviews regarding installation on sites like the BBB or Google, steer clear and seek out a more reputable company. Having the right installer can preserve your roof warranty.  

What Does My Roof Warranty Say About Solar Panels? 

Roof warranties typically have two parts; the installer side and the manufacturer’s side. 

The installation warranty will cover any problems encountered through improper installation. The roofing company you work with typically owns the installation warranty. The duration of the warranty may vary from company to company. 

The manufacturers’ side will cover any defects in the manufacturing process.  

Roofing warranties are voided because

  • Damages were sustained during the solar panel installation process 
  • Unapproved fasteners or incorrectly used fasteners were used to install the solar panels 
  • The waterproofing process did not occur during/ after installation 
  • Poor installation of the roof rack

Working together with both companies may save you a headache in the long run.

What Solar Panels Won’t Void My Roof Warranty?

When it comes to different solar panel options, there are several varieties on the market. We will discuss ground mount solar panels and solar shingles. Both function the same, but depending on space or local requirements, each provides viable options for your home.

Solar Panels Mounted on the Ground

Ground mount systems are great if you have a big yard. They are easy to access and upkeep. Since they are on the ground instead of your roof, they will require trees removed or trimmed back to achieve optimum sun exposure. Roof-mounted or shingles may require trimming or tree removal as well, but the ground mount may require more trimming or cutting.

Solar Shingle Installation 

Solar shingles are a type of solar panel that mounts to your roof deck. There are several manufacturers of solar shingles and each is a little different. Some carry dual warranties- one for the shingle and the other for the solar component. In many cases, solar shingles will work only if you need a roof replacement as they often mount directly on the roof deck. Solar shingles do not require building a structure. A lack of a structure prevents animals from making nests. Solar shingle manufacturers build the shingles to mount and resemble regular shingles so as to not cast attention on the roof.

How Do Solar Shingles Differ From Solar Panels?

Standard solar panels require contractors to erect a structure on your roof which accounts for additional weight and space. They do not replace your roof and an improper installation may void your roof warranty.

Solar shingles will replace your existing roof. They carry warranties as a shingle AND a solar panel. They weigh less than a rack-mount system and aren’t as noticeable. 

Get Solar Shingles Installation By Shanco

Shanco offers solar shingles throughout Washington, NOVA, and Richmond. You can read more about solar shingles here. If you have a Shanco roof and are thinking about adding solar, reach out to our team to discuss our options and acquire a copy of your roof warranty. 

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