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How Do I Stop my Door from Slamming?

We’ve all been guilty of slamming a door once or twice in our lives. Maybe you were frustrated, in a hurry, or maybe you just don’t know your own strength! Regardless of the reason, we know that slamming a door can’t really be good for it, can it? It can wear out the frame, damage latches, and may eventually break the door.

When you have a door that slams all the time all on its own, it can be unnerving. In this case, the only options you really have are to find door repair services or discover the cause of the issue and repair it yourself. Follow along with Shanco and we’ll help you get things sorted!

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What Can Cause a Door to Slam?

It’s easy to blame the kids when the door slams—until you’ve become the culprit! If your door slams constantly, here are a few reasons that could be causing the issue:

  • Changes in air pressure – In many, if not most, cases a slamming door is the product of changes in air pressure in your home. You might notice that a door slams itself or slams with little help on your part if you leave a window open in your home, for instance. This is because the pressure in your home is helping the door along—giving it a bit more “oomph.”
  • Too much elbow grease –  Some folks just put a bit too much into their door closing action. In many cases, this is done with little or no conscious effort, and so you may need to look into helpful aids and alternatives, which we’ll get to in a moment.
  • As a result of another remedy – Are you plagued by squeaky hinges? If so, that oil you put into the hinge might be creating a frictionless action when the door closes, resulting in a slam. In most cases, oil is only a stopgap measure, and we would generally recommend door repair or hinge replacement to avoid the slamming problem.
  • A problem with pneumatic closers – Interestingly, even though pneumatic door closers are often used to prevent slamming (and in most cases, they’re quite good at it), they can actually cause slams if poorly adjusted or if they’ve worn out. This is because the closer takes on the action of closing the door all on its own, and if it has lost its power to resist closing, it can result in a free-swinging slam.

Door repairs can be fairly simple to do but they can cause a world of difference by bringing peace back to your home! If you would like to have your doors assessed by our home renovation professionals near Gaithersburg, Maryland, call (301) 208-0848 or contact us online today!

Four Easy Fixes for a Slamming Door

  • Felt stoppers – These tiny, low-cost circles of felt are typically affixed to the inside of the door, near where the latch meets the frame.
  • Door dampers – Door dampers, also called door arresters, are made up of a simple hook and latch assembly that is installed at the top of the door frame. When the door meets the assembly, it will slow as the latch engages, stopping a slam.
  • Pneumatic closers – Pneumatic closers are a time-tested favorite, but you need to be sure to adjust them appropriately to avoid the problems we mentioned above. Usually adjusting is as easy as screwing the piston in or out accordingly.
  • Door replacement – Sometimes a door is simply too old and worn to really work well enough. Rotted doors or those that have rusted out hinges are often beyond repair, leaving you with replacement as the only viable option.

Door Repair & Replacement in Maryland

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