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How to Diagnose Your Siding Issues

Dealing with siding issues in your home and not certain where to go from here? Not sure what the problem even is, or if it warrants siding replacement in Gaithersburg? The experts at Shanco are here to help you stress less! Let’s go over some of the most common siding issues, how to diagnose them, and what to do from there.

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Troubleshooting Your Maryland Siding Issues

Since the siding on your home is exposed to a wide array of elements and weather, the problems it can experience vary fairly considerably. Factors like material play in, too, but we’re going to try to cover all of the basics of siding issues Gaithersburg homeowners experience.

  • Bulging and flexing. Bulges, dents, and other forms of disfigurement are most commonly seen on vinyl siding. The issue tends to relate to siding that has expanded and contracted too much, because vinyl siding naturally flexes with the temperatures; which means the siding should not be nailed in too tight. If the siding was installed incorrectly, you’ll see this issue and will likely need to replace.
  • Exposed nails. Exposed nails can be seen on any type of siding, and can mean one of two things. One, the nails themselves were just handled poorly. Or two, your siding is moving in ways that it shouldn’t–either a sign of age, or a sign that a replacement is in order.
  • Discoloration. There’s sun fading, which can sometimes be seen on older siding, and there’s water damage. The water damage looks like streaks in the material, or splotches of darkness. A repair may be well enough if the issue is isolated, but you’ll need to get an expert opinion.
  • Softness or rot. Wood siding that uses “new wood” can be susceptible to rot and softness if not maintained well enough. You can check for softness early signs by simply poking at your siding and literally feeling; it’ll start near the ground first. Don’t like dealing with the idea of rot? Update to old-growth cedar shake!
  • Vermin and pest infestation. If critters are prevalent on your Maryland lawn, they have a good chance of trying to find a home in your siding. Vinyl is just loose enough to allow some types access, and wood can be chewed out by termites and vermin. Keep watch for softness in wood, small holes, or animal droppings suspiciously close to the home.
  • Cracking, dents and major punctures. The summer season can bring on some serious rain, and we even see some fairly destructive hail from time to time. There’s always the threat of an overzealous baseball enthusiast nearby, too. If your siding takes on a crack or puncture, it needs repaired fast! Think of each dent or mar as a dent in your home’s armor. It just gets worse if left alone!

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