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How To Tell If You Need New Windows

Windows are so important to a home, and good windows can make all the difference. They let light in, create an inviting space and help maintain energy efficiency. However, if your windows are getting older, they may not be as effective. Old windows can let in drafts, cost you money and affect the look of your home. While every window is going to age differently, there are a variety of indicators that it’s time to replace your old windows. 

There’s a draft-  The biggest indicator that your windows need to be replaced is a draft. If you can feel air coming from your windows, you need to get them replaced as soon as possible. A draft means there’s a problem with the seal of your windows and is costing you money. A poor seal lets warm air in during the summer and cold air in during the winter. 

Higher energy bills- Speaking of energy bills, aging windows are energy efficiency killers! Old windows are significantly less effective at insulating your home. Older windows are typically single-paned, susceptible to leaks, and are generally worse at keeping the cold out. Modern windows featuring double glazing, argon gas and low-emissivity glass are notably better at insulating your home. 

Visible damage- One of the clearest signs that you need new windows is how they look. Are your windowsill warped or rotting? Are you getting moisture build-up between your panes? It’s time to look for a replacement. Damaged window sills are often a result of exposure to moisture due to a compromised window. Over time, this moisture can cause your window sill to rot, requiring a replacement.  A cloudy or foggy window is an indicator that the double glazing has failed. Double pane windows have an airtight seal to keep the insulating gas inside them, and when that seal fails, moisture can get in, leaving your windows ineffective and needing replacement.

Soundproofing- Good windows should do more than just keep the weather out. They should also be able to mute the outdoors. If you find that you can hear every car going down your street and every lawnmower, it may be time to upgrade your windows. Older windows may not have been sealed properly, or may just be of lower quality. Modern windows can help mitigate the sound that comes through them, leaving you with a more peaceful interior. 

Having the right windows can make all the difference. If you’re dealing with older or lower quality windows, let Shanco help. For 30 years we have been providing top-quality window replacement, repair and installation services to Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia. Our exquisitely crafted windows can brighten your home, keep it warm and save you money. Built with the highest quality materials, our experts guarantee a perfect fit and a perfect finish. Call us today for a free inspection!


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