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Shanco is an Ellicott City roofing company founded in 2002. We’re proud to be part of this historic area, and we serve both residential and commercial customers from Columbia to Cockeysville and throughout the Chesapeake Bay region.

Customers in Ellicott City and beyond have come to trust Shanco’s 20 years of providing exceptional roofing, window, and siding services. We’re prepared to help you perform minor repairs on your roof for the winter or tackle a major siding project after a flood. With our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a bevy of glowing reviews across Yelp, Angie’s List, and Google, you can feel confident that you’re in good hands when you entrust your next home improvement project to Shanco.

Roof Inspections

Though it’s not always apparent to the naked eye, roofs naturally weaken over time with exposure to the elements. Even if you’re good about examining your roof every now and again for signs of damage, there’s no real replacement for a professional inspection by experts.

If you wait until problems with your roof are causing significant issues inside your home, you can find yourself facing a hefty bill that you can’t put off. If you’re running a commercial enterprise, you might even lose critical revenue while you scramble to fix it.

Avoid those kinds of costly crunches by getting a free roof inspection and quote from our exceptional team of contractors at Shanco. We use high-tech satellite imaging to create a 3-D model of your home or business, allowing us to accurately identify potentially problematic areas.

Roof Repair

If your roof issues have gotten to the point where it’s starting to leak, it’s critically important to schedule repairs. In addition to damaging your ceilings, water can create mold issues or damage electronics and wiring, causing a cascade of costly issues. Serious water issues can be even more dangerous if they cause structural damage to your home.

Our contractors have the know-how to identify and repair damaged shingles to stop leaking corrosion before it starts. In the event that you do need an emergency repair, we’ve got you covered as well. We can get experts to your home in four hours or less to handle roofing issues that have become critical.

Roof Replacement

Sometimes, roofing issues get so serious that replacement is the only option. This can happen as a result of severe storm damage, but it can also just be a natural result of erosion over time, especially on very old roofs. In some cases, a remodeling project might require replacing part or all of your home’s existing roofing.

Our Ellicott City roofers help you every step of the way when it’s time to plan out that replacement project. We make sure that your project is satisfactory and fits your budget by using asphalt shingles, which are exceptionally durable and affordable. We’ll also help you customize every element of the project to your aesthetic preferences by walking you through all our color and style options. With Shanco’s expertise and guidance, your home is truly your own.

New Windows

Replacing your windows isn’t just an aesthetic choice; updating outdated panes can significantly reduce your home’s energy costs. We partner with highly respected window manufacturer Pella, so we can provide you with Pella’s proprietary InsulShield glass. With Shanco’s expert installation and Pella’s manufacturing proficiency, you get a warmer, safer, and more beautiful home.


Like window replacement, siding installation affects both your home’s looks and your household’s energy bill. Solid siding also makes for a long-term investment in your home, as it cuts down on erosion and rot, which can lead to unforeseen repair costs down the line.

We use the same satellite technology and 3-D imaging software we use for roofing when it comes to planning your siding project, which lets you test out various styles before committing to a look. Working with experienced siding partner James Hardie, we offer cement, fiber, vinyl, or cedar options, leaving you to pick the perfect style for your vision. 

Additional Services

We can also help with home and business improvement needs, such as window replacement and siding installation. Our decades of experience and partnerships with other industry leaders ensure that you get unrivaled professional assistance in completing your renovations.

Proudly Serving Ellicott City

We are a professional roofing company that specializes in replacing and repairing roofs. In addition, we also offer other exterior services such as siding replacement and repair and window replacement. Founded in 2002, we have been helping clients in Maryland and Virginia with their roofing problems for decades. Over this time span, we have seen it all, and we have helped fix it all. 

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