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Founded in 2002, Shanco is a Potomac roofing company that strives to deliver a standard of unmatched customer service and provide hassle-free inspections, repairs, and installations of roof systems, windows, and siding. Our team of expert technicians pay attention to details and perform quality work as though it were their own home or business.

From repairing a leak in the roof of your small business to replacing an old roof on your home, our experienced Potomac roofing company handles various residential and commercial projects of any size. 

We incorporate sustainable business practices to minimize our carbon footprint, such as using environmentally friendly material and recycling used asphalt shingles to pave roads. 

Roof Inspections

If you need an inspection, repair, or roof replacement, our Potomac roofers will work at a time that’s convenient for you and a budget you can be happy with. We are experts in roof installation and use quality materials so your roof lasts at least its average lifespan.

Our experienced roofers can also conduct a prompt inspection and start a repair process within four hours of requesting emergency services. The team focuses on getting your home back to functional, in a timely manner.

Roof Repair

Each roof system starts with plywood decking, which is protected by an ice and water shield. After this, an underlayment layer is added for extra protection against the elements, and a drip edge is installed to make sure any runoff flows straight down the gutters. Then the starter shingles are added and, finally, the shingles of your choice. 

New Windows

Windows are an important aspect of any home, but they often go unattended until a major issue arises, such as mold or wood rot. In addition to providing repair services, the team also offers replacement windows manufactured by Pella. As a GAF Certified Green Potomac roofing company, we understand the importance of conserving energy. 

Featuring InsulShield glass, Pella windows can increase your home’s efficiency by protecting your home from excess heat during the summer months and keeping the heat in during the wintertime. Not only do Pella’s windows meet or even exceed Energy Star certification, but they’re constructed using a variety of materials, including durable and affordable vinyl and easy to clean aluminum frames. 

Our window repair teams have experience inspecting various types of windows and repairing hail dents, excess moisture, mold, and rotting wood. These problems can also contribute to poorly functioning windows that get stuck closed or won’t stay open. 


Installing or repairing damaged siding is an easy way to boost your home’s curb appeal without breaking the bank. Our Shanco team presents a variety of siding options, from vinyl to cedar siding, or even James Hardie’s fiber cement siding.

When properly installed and maintained, siding protects against pests as well as rot, which can develop due to exposure to the elements. James Hardie siding is available in a wide variety of styles, and with baked-on ColorPlus technology, it resists fading and cracking.

Proudly Serving Potomac

We are a professional roofing company that specializes in replacing and repairing roofs. In addition, we also offer other exterior services such as siding replacement and repair and window replacement. Founded in 2002, we have been helping clients in Maryland and Virginia with their roofing problems for decades. Over this time span, we have seen it all, and we have helped fix it all. 

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Free Inspections by Shanco

A variety of environmental factors, such as summer heatwaves or a winter cold snap, can compromise your roof’s integrity. Inspections not only detect loose or missing shingles, but also exposed nails, moss, and lichens. Trained technicians report instances of cracks, splits, and even granular loss of individual shingles, as well.  

Using photography and email, we provide contactless inspections and repair services. Our technicians also wear extra protective gear, including gloves and shoe coverings while inspecting or repairing your home or business.

Contact Shanco to schedule a free roofing inspection for residential or commercial properties. We’ll keep in touch via email, phone calls, or Zoom sessions, whichever you prefer. 

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Shanco is a Potomac roofing company that inspects, repairs, and installs, roofing systems, windows, and siding. Schedule a free, contactless inspection today! 

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