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Shanco is a Fairfax roofing company with a great reputation for providing excellent service swiftly, cleanly, and within budget time after time. From Ardmore to Accotink Creek, Shanco has the whole community covered.

Since 2002, Shanco has been providing roofing services to communities across Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia.

Roof Inspections

Using state-of-the-art technology, we produce a report on the condition of your roof and make recommendations on what needs to be done.

We use satellite pictures and digital photography to develop a 3-D model of your roof. Drones with HD cameras capture detailed photographs that can be referred to off-site; some say it’s even better than a manual inspection. These pictures tell us in fine detail if there are any problems, so our team of experts can determine the best course of action.

Because of the speed with which we gather this information and the detail of the data, we can provide you with a 99.9% accurate cost for the work needed in a matter of hours.

Roof Repair

Roofing systems can be damaged from many factors, including high winds, storms, hailstones, or deterioration through age. Our Shanco technicians will tackle any size job, from cracked flashing or missing vent seals to gaping holes in the roof. Whatever it is, we’ll discuss the options with you and make a plan that will suit your budget.

Roof Replacement

Whether it’s a remodel or replacing a worn-out roof, Shanco has the expertise to carry out the work. As a GAF Certified Green Roofer, we use environmentally friendly materials, such as timber from sustainable forests and asphalt tiles. When we dispose of the used materials, they don’t head to the local landfill; they’re recycled and used to pave roadways.

A typical roof would comprise a plywood deck, an ice and water shield, a water-resistant underlayment, a drip edge, starter shingles, and the outer layer of shingles of your choice. 

Shanco uses only high-quality materials because we want to give you a strong roof that endures for decades. We love our customers, but we don’t want to come back unless it’s for a new job, which is why we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. How many Fairfax roofers can offer that?

New Windows

Windows do wear out, and when they do, you’ll see your heating bills rise. Ill-fitting casements and poor-quality glazing lead to drafts that cause discomfort as well as financial loss.

Windows account for 25% to 30% of residential heating and cooling energy use, according to government statistics. In older buildings, this can be higher. There are ways you can improve on the efficiency of your windows, but in the long run, it’s usually better to replace them.

Through our partner Pella, we offer a complete window replacement service. It is always advisable to choose the most efficient window you can afford, and the type of frame and glass will determine the cost.

We can offer a choice of aluminum clad wood, vinyl, or fiberglass frames, and the insulated glass has an ENERGY STAR rating of Most Efficient. For even better thermal and sound insulation, we recommend the triple glazed units.

Contemporary or traditional styles are available, or you can customize to suit your home.


Another way to improve the thermal insulation of your home and protect the walls from dampness is to add superb-quality siding. This can also transform your home and improve curb appeal.

We partnered with James Hardie to provide fiber cement shake and shingle siding, panels, and boards in various styles and colors. From New England style shingles — that look like cedar without the maintenance issues — to the more popular North American style plank siding, which is available smooth or wood grain effect, we have a design for you.

Shanco uses the same satellite and drone technology to produce an accurate measurement of your home, so the siding you choose fits perfectly on your structure. 

Shanco's Other Services

Although Shanco is well known as a Fairfax roofing company, we offer other services to keep the shell of your home or commercial premises watertight and in tip-top condition.

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We’re proud to serve customers in Fairfax, one of Northern Virginia’s hidden gems.

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