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The NOVA division of Shanco Roofing serves McLean and the surrounding Troy Township communities. As a McLean roofing company, Shanco provides the area with high-quality roofing repairs and installation as well as window and siding services. We offer both residential and commercial properties. 

We’ve proven ourselves throughout Maryland and Northern Virginia because we hire qualified and well-trained technicians to ensure customer satisfaction. We also value the environment and its sustainability, which is why we recycle our roofing materials so they don’t wind up in local landfills. 


Roof Inspections

Another vital service our McLean roofing contractors provide is roof inspections. 

Damage often begins underneath the surface of your roof, so it’s hard to notice when it actually started. It can progress over time into a serious, more costly issue, but an inspection can identify these problems early.  

Generally, you want to aim for a roofing inspection from a McLean roofing company every few years, even if you don’t notice any visible problems. One of the best times of year to schedule an inspection is in the fall. That way, you can receive a replacement or repair before the cool temperatures, ice, and snowfall hit. Once winter arrives, new shingles won’t seal properly as the temperature drops. 

We strive to provide you with a comprehensive inspection, which consists of 17 key points. You can expect your inspection to last between 30 to 45 minutes. 

Moreover, we make the process for a roof inspection as convenient as possible. Contact us today to see just how simple and beneficial a roof inspection can be.  

Roof Replacement

Once you schedule a roof replacement consultation with us, you’ll understand why we’re a staple in the community. We begin the process by helping you determine which roofing is suitable for you, based on your needs and budget.

We use our satellite imaging to determine measurements and an accurate price of the project. Our company focuses on the installation of asphalt shingles — a solution that’s durable and cost-efficient. You’ll choose both the color and style, and Shanco is here to assist you in your choices, if necessary. 

Our McLean roofing company can provide you with an estimated time of completion. Then, we’ll diligently work within that time frame, so you can resume your life as soon as possible. 

Roof Repair

Our McLean roofing repair service addresses both small and large repairs with the goal of preventing more serious problems in the future, which could be costly. When we come to your home we identify the problem, provide you with an honest quote, and execute the repair in a timely fashion to the best of our ability. Additionally, we understand that a problem can occur at any time and can inconvenience you or possibly worsen quickly, so we offer prompt emergency services. 

New Windows

Your windows enable you to see the outside world, keep pests out, and help the temperature inside stay comfortable, but older windows can disrupt your view, welcome bugs in, and increase the cost of your energy expenses. With a window replacement, you can reap the rewards and say goodbye to the hindrances. Our company works with you to help find windows that fit your needs and budget. We then work quickly, yet effectively, to get your new windows installed. 


While a new roof has many benefits, your roof isn’t the only aspect of your home that adds appeal and insulation benefits. Our siding installation service is provided by our highly trained technicians. 

Fortunately for our clients, the quality of our siding installation services isn’t the only perk; we also offer high-quality siding provided by our partner, James Hardie, so you receive siding that’s energy-efficient, durable, and attractive. James Hardie offers fiber cement siding in a range of colors and designs to mimic the look of wood, shake, and vinyl.

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Shanco is more than just the finest McLean roofing company out there. Through our valued partners, we can replace windows and siding in both residential and commercial properties right across Fairfield County.

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We’re proud to serve customers in McLean, one of Northern Virginia’s hidden gems.

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