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Most Common Causes for Gutter Repair

Your home’s gutters play a pretty massive role in keeping your roof, exterior walls, and foundation safe against weather and rain. But, keeping up with them can often be frustrating—if it even crosses your mind at all! At Shanco Companies, our team understands that you don’t always have the time in your day to give your gutters an extensive inspection. That’s why we wanted to take the time to discuss the most common causes for gutter repairs.

As trusted home service specialists in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC areas, our team knows how to protect and care for gutters. We’ve been taking care of clients through our repair and replacement services for years, so you know we’re a team you can trust to offer simple, effective ways to assess your needs.

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Signs You Need Gutter Repair

If you’re stressing about grabbing a ladder and going through a prolonged event, you can rest easy. The signs of a damaged gutter system are crystal clear and easy to spot when you know what you’re looking for! Some signs that you need gutter repair include: 

  • Hanging or buckling gutters. When gutters start to get a bit older they might begin to sag or pull away from the home a bit. Depending on the total age of the gutters and what caused the damage (simple time vs. impact damage), a repair service can often rectify the issue easily enough.
  • Extensive signs of rust. In smaller amounts, rust can simply be cleaned and brushed away. However, when rust becomes a common occurrence or is appearing in patches larger than three inches or so, then the issue has become more than a little homeowner elbow grease can handle. In this case, a repair might cover it, but you would be equally wise to talk to a professional contractor about scheduling a gutter replacement.
  • Leaking during rain. Next time there’s a fair amount of rain, take a peek around your home to see how your gutters are doing. Smaller leaks aren’t a huge worry, but they’ll need to be repaired in the near future, since they can lead to more rust and damage if not handled soon enough.
  • Puddles where there shouldn’t be any. If you have standing water or indications of shrub and garden damage, these are signs that water is getting behind your gutters or spilling over. In the case of spilling over, you might simply be dealing with a clog, which can often be cleaned out easily enough. However, if water is diverting around or behind the gutters, you’ll probably need to schedule a gutter replacement soon.

Gutter Repair Services in MD, VA & DC

Our team shares a collective 20 plus years of experience in handling the home service needs of clients in Maryland, Virginia, and the DC Metro area. We carry the extensive experience and training needed to help you get ideal gutter repair and replacement services, so if you’re ready to schedule a service you can trust us to offer the best in the business.

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