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Pros & Cons of Fiber Cement Siding

When considering your siding options for new construction or a siding replacement, the odds are pretty high that you’ll come across some talk about the virtues of fiber cement siding. Even though it’s still relatively new, cement siding has rapidly become one of the most popular and widely accepted options when it comes to quality home siding installations.

Are you wondering if fiber cement the right option for your home? For the modern homeowner concerned about value, aesthetics, and upkeep, that’s an excellent question and one the team at Shanco Companies is glad to take on! Follow along with our team while we examine the big benefits and few drawbacks of installing fiber cement siding.

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What Is Fiber Cement Siding?

If you’re totally new to the material, you might be wondering just what fiber cement is and why it’s used today. The easy answer is that fiber cement is a synthetic siding material made of a combination of cement, cellulose fiber, and sand. Although all of these materials sound common enough, when combined, the resulting material is a versatile and durable siding material and one that has become the standard for quality siding in both residential and commercial applications.

The Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding in Maryland

Why has fiber cement become so well-liked? The benefits can be very tempting:

  • Design versatility – Due to the cement components and the lack of resistance from the cellulose, fiber cement siding can be molded to take on a very wide range of appearances. If you love the look of wood, stucco, or another common material type but want something more durable and eco-friendly, then fiber cement is the way to go.
  • Can be repainted –  Though fiber cement siding tends to come pre-coated and painted, it can be repainted if the homeowner should choose to do so in the future, adding some long-term customizability and enjoyment value.
  • Durability – Most fiber cement siding options come with a fairly long lifespan and warranty—50 years on the low end. Add in a natural resistance to rot and decay and a strong resistance to pests, and you’ve got a long-lasting siding option on your hands.
  • Minimal maintenance – Though fiber cement can be repainted, it’s often unnecessary. Aside from some minimal cleaning and upkeep, you can expect to just let your fiber cement siding handle itself long-term.

The Drawbacks of Fiber Cement Siding

Everything has a downside, right? Even fiber cement has some considerations that are worth mentioning, including:

  • Cost – Though fiber cement isn’t the costliest material you can choose, it is still considerably higher than some of its counterparts, like vinyl. Fiber cement is considered affordable, especially due to its lifespan, but not everyone wants to make the investment!
  • Requires professional installers –  Fiber cement siding requires the attention of trained and certified siding installers, and for some products, the contractor has to be certified for that specific product.

Fiber Cement Siding Installation in Maryland, Northern Virginia & DC

Are you looking for siding experts that can help you make the right call for your home in Maryland? Before you take a step further in your home renovation project, get together with one of our home remodeling professionals in Gaithersburg to learn more about your options. Knowing the pros and cons of siding types for your home may help you get more value out of your home exterior in the long term!

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