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Simple Maintenance to Make Your Windows Last

Getting the most out of your investments is a big part of being a successful and stress-free homeowner. Looking for a way to minimize costly repairs and reduce energy consumption all in one go? Maintain your windows! Costly repairs plague many Maryland homeowners, but we’ve got the tips and tricks you need to keep your windows in top shape.

At Shanco, bringing you the best is always our goal. Whether you’re looking for window replacement in Gaithersburg, storm damage repair, or just some good ideas, we’re always here to help. Perform these simple maintenance tasks to maximize the benefits your windows can provide!

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Simple Window Maintenance for Better Home Performance

  • Component care. The moving parts of your window are both the most important parts of your window, and the most vulnerable. Time and general use can take a huge toll, wearing out your windows and necessitating repair and replacement prematurely. To ensure your window’s parts stay in top shape, keep them clean and free of debris with a stiff brush, and sufficiently lubricate moving parts with a silicone lubricant. Don’t use petroleum-based lubricants on your windows!
  • Keep the frames clean. Removing dirt and grime not only makes your windows look better and avoid color-fading, it protects them from possibly getting jammed up and hard to open. For wood, use a slightly damp cloth and finish with a wood safe polish or wax. For vinyl and metal windows, a gentle detergent does wonders. Also be sure to go over the frame with a soft brush to pull loose and jammed-in bits of dirt that may be hiding.
  • Do a visual inspection. Any cracks, dents, or holes (of any size!) will compromise your window, and can lead to a surefire window replacement in if left alone for too long. Carefully check over your windows every few months, noting any forms of damage. If you find anything, call in for window repair right away to protect your windows!
  • Replace damaged seals. For IGUs (Insulated Glass Units, or double/triple pane windows), a seal exists between each pane to maintain the protective inert gas that fill the spaces between. If this is compromised, you’ll see a milky film developing on the inside of your windows. Your best bet here is to take advantage of your warranty! Get the repair or replacement for the glass or seal that you need before you lose the whole window.

Window Replacement in Gaithersburg with Shanco

Whether you need help maintaining your windows, need a simple repair, or are ready for a replacement, our certified professionals can bring you the service and quality products you need! Contact Shanco today to learn more about our window services, or to get an appointment!

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