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Types of Roofing

Are you getting ready to build a new home and needing the roofing company tulsa trust pro to help you? Need new roofing for your apartment complex or commercial building? In either case, knowing a little bit about each type of roof can help you decide which one is right for your project.

Types of Roofing: Gable

A gable roof is the most common type for residential projects. It’s the sloped roof you see on the majority of homes. Gable roofs typically have a 20-40 degree angle gradation – the gables angle downward to create a triangular roof. Due to its universal appeal, gable roofing is extremely popular for all types of homes.

A gable roof:

  • Helps with water runoff and is beneficial for areas that get a lot of rain and snow
  • Allows for additional space on the top level of the home (perfect for those who want to convert their attics into livable space!)
  • Is an economical choice

Types of Roofing: Hip

A hip roof is also a great residential design option and offers a more rounded shape than a gable roof. All sides of a hip roof slope down and usually have the same pitch or slope. Gables are sometimes used at front entrance points. Hip roofs are commonly seen on bungalows and cottages and complement a wide variety of architecture and styles, particularly American Foursquare. There are a few variations of a gable roof, such as mansard roofing, tented roofing, and gablet (Dutch gable) roofing, which is a combination of a hip roof with a smaller gabled section on top.

A hip roof:

  • Protects your home against high winds
  • Is beneficial in coastal areas that get a lot of hurricanes

Types of Roofing: A-Frame

An A-frame roof, though not as common for residential uses, can often be found on churches and other commercial buildings.

These types of roofs are found, as the name suggests, on A-frame style homes, which sort of resemble Swiss chalets. A-frame roofs are characterized by a triangular shape and slope steeply almost to the ground.

An A-frame roof:

  • Allows for room at the top of the house for lofts or storage
  • Prevents snow from accumulating on top of your home and causing damage

Types of Roofing: Gambrel

Gambrel roofing is often found on homes with distinct era architecture and can add unique beauty to any structure. It is ridged and has two slopes on either side – a steeper one on top and a shallow one below it. Gambrel roofing is often found on barns and homes with Georgian and Colonial style architecture.

A gambrel roof:

  • Offers protection against high winds
  • Maximizes space at the top of your home (for lofts, storage, attic conversions, etc.)

Types of Roofing: Flat

You don’t see flat roofing on a lot of homes, but many apartment buildings, offices spaces, libraries, and other commercial buildings have flat roofs. Most flat roofs are actually pitched 1/8 to 1/2 inches per foot to allow for proper drainage.

A flat roof:

  • Is a great option in areas that don’t get a lot of snow
  • Is safe to walk on (there are often pools, gardens, and more on flat roofs!)

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