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Types of Windows

Getting ready to build a new home and trying to decide on a window style? Want to replace the old, drafty windows you’ve had for years? Learn more about the different types of windows and the benefits they offer! And if you need Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, or Maryland window contractors, Shanco Companies has you covered.

What are the Different Types of Windows?

You have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the types of windows for your new home or window replacement project. We mean it when we say there is a style for everyone!

The different types of windows include:

Bay windows: bay windows are the big windows you’ve probably seen on many different homes. They project outwards from a home’s exterior and are flanked by two or more smaller windows.

Bow windows: essentially identical to bay windows except curved instead of squared, bow windows can add a unique touch to your home’s façade and are often used solely for aesthetic purposes!

Picture windows: also called fixed pane windows, picture windows don’t open and are, therefore, very energy efficient. Undoubtedly you’ve seen picture windows before – bay and bow windows are typically picture windows.

Double hung windows: double hung windows have upper and lower sashes that slide up and down and offer superior ventilation. Due to their design, they also allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Casement windows: a popular choice for many homes, casement windows are single sash windows that are hinged on one side. Due to the tight seal created between the sash and the frame, these windows tend to be extremely energy efficient.

Tilt windows: like double hung windows, tilt windows are super easy to clean. They can swing in or tilt inwards and are a great option if you like to let in a nice breeze during the warmer months.

Slider windows: typically opening horizontally and providing great ventilation, slider windows have two sashes, one that is stationary and one that glides to the left or right.

Geometric windows: want a more unique look? Geometric windows include all different shapes – circles, half circles, trapezoids, octagons, etc.

Skylights: skylights, of course, have a unique appearance and can enhance both the interior and exterior of your home. They are ideal if you want to add more light to your space.

There are many other types of windows available, from louvered to awning to single sash – this list just includes the types of windows Shanco Companies offer!

If you want to learn more about the different types of windows, or if you’re ready to start your replacement project in the Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia area, contact our window contractors today!

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