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What Are the Common Types of Commercial Roofs?

Is it about time to start thinking about a replacement for your commercial business’ roof, or is it time to decide what kind of roof you’re going for in your commercial property construction? If so, you might be feeling a little bit lost. Commercial roofing types come in a really wide range, and many of the terms used can be somewhat unhelpful to those outside of the industry.

But never fear! That’s why the commercial roofing specialists at Shanco Companies are here today. Follow along to learn the basics of commercial roofing types.

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Standard Commercial Roof Types

When someone mentions the “type” of roof, they could potentially be referring to the style of roof, or they could be talking about the materials. Both are quite important, so we’ll be covering style and material., starting with style:

  • Flat roofsA flat roof is essentially what it sounds like: a flat, simple roof plane with either no or a minimal pitch. This is probably the most common commercial roof type around since it offers an easily-maintained finished roof that tends to last a very long time. You can find flat roofs in many different types, such as those made from TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin), single-ply rubber, and modified bitumen materials.
  • Corrugated metal roofs – While corrugated metal is somewhat outdated, it is still consistently used for certain buildings like warehouses, outbuildings, and similar structures.
  • Standing seam metal roofs – Standing-seam metal roofs pretty much replaced corrugated metal in most applications. They’re longer-lived, more attractive, and available in a much broader range of materials. They can also be made pitch-less or pitched, giving you more design options.
  • Gable roofs – The two equal-sized sloping sides of a gable roof are more common in residential applications, but they still see considerable use in commercial applications, and particularly in smaller-scale restaurants, retail stores, and similar operations.

When it comes to material things can get considerably more confusing. Because of the sheer range of options here we’re going to simply stick with the most commonly used materials, which include:

  • AsphaltWhether in shingle form or as a coating, asphalt is the all-purpose material choice for most. It’s cost-effective, fairly long-lived, and not too difficult to repair or replace as needed.
  • MetalsMetals can range from aluminum to galvanized steel, and tons of options in between. Metal roofs are prized for higher than average longevity and durability, as well as some noteworthy energy efficiency benefits.
  • CopperThough still a metal, copper is somewhat in its own category. It’s not the budget pick for sure, but the higher price tag can pay you back in spades due to the highest longevity of all roofing material types, as well as natural resistance to corrosion.
  • Cedar shakeCedar shake is a smart and effective choice for many businesses, and particularly smaller operations. Boasting a solid lifespan, these rough-hewn shake shingles strike a unique look while also boasting solid performance ratings.

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