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What to Expect During a Metal Roof Installation

Though they’ve gained considerable traction as a top-class pick for residential roofing, metal roofs are still relatively new to homeowners in Gaithersburg. Are you looking to learn a bit about a standing seam metal roof installation in Gaithersburg? Follow along with the roofing specialists at Shanco while we delve into the benefits, the process, and what to expect.

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What Is a Standing Seam Metal Roof?

Ask that question about 10 years ago and you might have gotten a deceptive and unflattering answer along the lines of “like corrugated metal, but better.” Nowadays, metal roofing has come into its own and has become one of the most widely-appreciated residential metal roof types available. Metal roofs of the standing seam variety come in a wide range of materials, from aluminum to the more valued stainless or galvanized steel varieties—we’ve even done them in copper.

A standing seam metal roof is made up of straight panels that feature raised seams set on a vertical pattern. The seams of adjoining sections of material are crimped together and fastened underneath, creating a clean product that shows none of the uglier bits and pieces. This leaves you with a smart looking and unique roof, and one that offers a ton of benefits.

The Benefits of a Standing Seam Metal Roof

So, what makes a standing seam roof installation stand apart? Some of the benefits of standing seam metal roofs include:

  • Excellent durability. A combination of top-class metal materials and the unique standing seam design makes for a roof that can stand up to rain, wind, hail, and more. Standing seam roofs are not only low-maintenance but also are very unlikely to bend or crack.
  • Sheer longevity. A standing seam metal roof is typically rated to last 50 or more years—more than double a standard asphalt roof. And with the right materials, the roof can last even longer than that!
  • Energy-efficiency benefits. Though not strictly a “cool roof” on its own, the natural reflectivity of a metal roof offers tons of energy-efficiency and comfort benefits through reflecting UV radiation. And should you choose, a cool roof coating can be added easily during the installation process, boosting your energy-saving benefits appreciably.
  • Resistance to most roof dangers. Mold, mildew, water ingress, pests—all of these are threats to  producing a quality a roof installation in Gaithersburg. But none of them are a problem for a standing seam metal roof, which is naturally resistant to them all.

The Roof Installation Process

For something so new and seemingly (pun sort of intended) complex, you’re probably expecting a long, drawn-out process. Actually, a standing seam metal roof installation in Gaithersburg can be completed in fairly quick time! Because the seams and panels can be crafted off-site, the process requires little more than standard roof assembly and a simple process of anchoring the panels to your roof deck.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation in Gaithersburg, MD

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