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What to Know About Waterproofing Roofs

Your roof stands as the most staunch and prominent line of defense against rain, sun, and storms—all things we routinely see in the Maryland area! Of course, you want your roof in excellent shape going into the spring to withstand all the crazy wind and weather we often get near Gaithersburg.

Wondering how to beef up your roof’s defenses in a cost-efficient way? Follow along with Shanco Companies while we discuss the ins and outs of roof waterproofing!

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What Is Roof Waterproofing?

Waterproofing is a process that can use one of a wide range of materials or techniques, but the goal always stays the same: to prevent water ingress. The most common option is to apply or install a waterproof membrane (most commonly done with bitumen sheets, a type of special membrane “paint,” or through the use of a special cement) directly on top of existing roof materials, though occasionally some of the more intensive processes are handled during a new roof installation.

Who Needs Roof Waterproofing?

Technically, we all do! However, many roof types and roof styles naturally incorporate a strong line of defense against water, and so roof waterproofing as a separate process is most commonly sought by those who have a flat roof, or a roof with a minimal pitch.

In the past, this meant mostly commercial buildings, but more and more flat roofs and flat-style metal roofs are breaking into residential, and waterproofing is a great way to add life and longevity to your roof if it is in this style.

In fact, waterproofing a flat roof can come with a range of benefits, including:

  • Boosting energy-efficiency by improving the seal on your home
  • Minimizing common high-cost repair risks
  • Reducing air ingress, helping to maintain better air quality in the home

How Can I Waterproof a Roof that Isn’t Flat?

Most modern roofs are heavily waterproofed during the installation process using a membranous layer underneath the shingle or tile. That said, this is the Maryland area, and since we deal with wild weather all year long our roofs have to deal with a huge range of temperatures and weather types.

The most important way to ensure your roof is waterproofed is to get any roof maintenance and repair needs to be handled right away. If you notice any of the following, contact a specialist right away:

  • Missing shingles or roofing materials
  • Loss of protective granules on shingles
  • Signs of excess moisture in the attic
  • Water damage on interior ceilings and walls

A well-tended roof can deal with most of the weather we encounter. Though if you’re looking into the benefits of roof replacement, or if you’re in the middle of a new home construction, there’s a stronger option available. Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) offers substantially higher waterproofing ratings and is easy to add to most roof types during the installation process.

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