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What Type of Roof Is Best for My Home?

When considering a new roof installation or replacement for your Maryland home or business, you don’t want just anything protecting your building from mother nature! You want something durable, attractive, and ideal for suiting your specific needs—in short, you want the best.

But how exactly do you find the best type of roof? Where do you start? What sorts of factors play into the decision? At Shanco Companies, we take pride in helping our clients understand the process of choosing an ideal roof. Today, let’s go over the basics!

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Choosing the Best Type of Residential Roof

First thing’s first: there is no best roof for absolutely everyone. Choosing the ideal roof for your needs comes down to matching a lot of very important factors according to your specific needs. This can concern your budget, the structure, and age of your home, your preferences when it comes to visual appeal and design, and even more. This is why working with experienced roofing professionals is so important!

That said, we can certainly give you some basics on the most popular residential roof types and options that can help you narrow down your search:

  • Standing seam metal roofingMetal roofing has become more and more common in residential roof construction, and with the benefits the material boasts, it’s no wonder. Low maintenance requirements, cool roof benefits, extremely high resistances, and sheer longevity all make this a strong choice. That said, the initial cost is somewhat higher than alternatives.
  • Cedar shake roofingCedar shake is unique, timeless, pest-resistant, and a roof type that stands up very well to time. It’s environmentally friendly as well, making it a prime choice for homes trying to go green.
  • Asphalt shingle roofingAsphalt has been the American standard for generations, offering reasonably strong resistance, simple maintenance, and a great lifespan versus the quite low material cost. It doesn’t “wow” like the other options on the list, but when installed professionally it can look smart and feel even smarter.
  • Slate roofingSlate offers a pretty unique roofing option to homeowners who want something different and interesting without sacrificing durability. You get a great, aesthetically pleasing roofing material at a very reasonable cost and a roof that can stand up to anything Maryland might throw at it.

Choosing the Best Type of Commercial Roof in Maryland

Many of the factors discussed above apply to commercial roofs as well. However, commercial roofs have some unique roof options to choose from as well. Among these are:

  • Flat roofs – Flat roofs are a standard in commercial roofing, offering a sturdy roof that stands up to weather very well. It’s simple, affordable, and tends to last quite a while. Additionally, flat roofs can be waterproofed using bitumen and Thermoplastic Polyolefin materials for further longevity and resistance.
  • Galvanized steel roofs – Just as they are with residential roofing, commercial businesses are seeing more and more metal roofs as well. A galvanized steel or aluminum roof stands up to nearly everything and creates an energy-efficient environment that keeps clients and employees comfortable.

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