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When Should House Windows Be Replaced?

Windows play a significant role in your home. Beyond just letting light in, they help maintain the proper temperature by protecting your house from excess heat in the summer and keeping heat from escaping in the winter. Properly installed and high-quality windows are built to last, but they aren’t infallible. Even the best windows will eventually start to fail. While every home and window are different, there are a few indicators that it may be time to replace your windows. 

Excessive Outdoor Noise- If your windows offer little resistance to the sounds of the outdoors, that may be an indicator that it’s time for an upgrade. Noisey windows may not have been sealed properly, or might just be of lower quality. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Shanco’s Multichambered, fusion-welded main & sash frame double-pane windows are top of the line and perfect to keep outdoor noise where it should be– outside. If your windows are still relatively new, we can also repair them by replacing the sealing or refitting them. 

`- Your window frame is a good indicator of the overall health of your windows. If you have wooden window frames, excess moisture can leak in and rot the frame from the inside out. Soft, chipping or obviously water damaged frames may start sagging and can cause even more damage if not properly dealt with. If you see this type of damage, it’s time for new windows. 

Cracked Windowpane- Some window damage is repairable, such as replacing a broken handle or adding new weatherstripping. However, a cracked, broken or warped window frame or sash is beyond repair and should be replaced. This level of damage can affect how well a window insulates, and how much heat it keeps in the home. A cracked window is not only less effective, but it is also a safety hazard and should be replaced as soon as possible. 

There’s a Draft- Windows letting in a draft are a significant problem. That means that their insulating properties are compromised. Whether it was a poor installation, faulty seals or more, this affects your home in several ways. By letting cold air in and warm air out, you’re spending more and more money on heat and A/C, and your HVAC is working overtime to try and mitigate the temperature.

Foggy Glass- Multi-paned windows are susceptible to getting condensation trapped between window panes. This is usually from a near imperceptible opening or hole. Many double-pane windows have a gas inside them that helps insulate. A foggy window can indicate that the seal keeping that gas inside has been compromised. 

Higher Energy Bills- If you have significantly higher energy bills than usual, this may be an indicator that your windows are not as effective as they used to be. The US Department of Energy estimates that roughly half a household’s monthly bill is spent on heating and cooling. These costs can be mitigated by a set of new, more efficient windows. 

At Shanco, we have 30 years of experience providing top-quality window replacement, repair and installation services. We offer a variety of the highest quality materials to fit your style, budget, and home. Our Multichambered fusion-welded main & sash frames are the most effective style of window. They increase strength and energy efficiency, all while creating a weather-tight corner. We also offer free inspections, to determine the best type of windows for your home. Whether you need a new window installation or replacement, our window experts can provide ample options to choose from. We always use the industry-leading manufacturers, to offer you the best products possible. 

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