Every siding material has its own pros and cons, so how do homeowners find the best replacement siding for their homes? Shanco provides our customers with information based on the goals of the homeowner. Shanco proudly offers distinct types of materials so that homeowners can select the best replacement siding for their home regardless of aesthetic choices. Homeowners will be sure to discover the perfect siding for their outdoor renovation project and increase the curb appeal from our team of expert installers. 

How do Homeowners Benefit from Installing Replacement Siding? 

With several material options on the market, some of the benefits of having replacement siding may vary but overall, homeowners may experience the following. 

  • Return on investment of having new siding installed. The ROI may differ depending on if you choose cement fiber board, vinyl, or cedar, but the return is significant.  

  • Energy efficiency- when replacing siding, house wrap gets replaced and insulation. Both are key to reducing heat loss in the winter and keeping cold air in during the summer.  

  • Curb appeal- replacement siding can make an old house look new again. When homeowners decide to invest in new siding the result is a beautiful-looking, updated home.  

  • Refreshing what is under your existing siding. Your existing siding has been in place for many years. You do not know the condition of the house wrap or sheathing. By replacing your siding, you get to put new, more advanced products in place to allow your house to continue to be a beautiful and healthy home. 

What is the Best Replacement Siding for My Home? 

Finding the best replacement siding has to do with what goals you have with your home. Each type of siding has merits, and it ties into what your home exterior goals are. There are great low- maintenance options, great choices for a sophisticated look, and even eco-friendly types of siding. The great part is they come at different price points so finding the perfect look may come easily.  

Why Choose Vinyl Siding? 

Vinyl siding is an affordable option that provides a near-infinite variety of color and texture for homeowners. You can find board and batten, wood grain, wood shakes, and more. The color pallet of vinyl siding seems endless. You can truly find an option to suit your needs when choosing vinyl siding. 

What Benefits Does Vinyl Siding Have? 

Vinyl siding is durable. Extreme weather events, however, can damage vinyl siding and even cause fading in color over time. 

It is a low-maintenance material and only requires a simple hose cleaning. 

Insulated vinyl siding helps seal your home and lower your heating and cooling expenditures. Insulated siding covers the entirety of the studs in your walls and seals off any area where hot or cool air may escape.  

Vinyl is the most affordable siding on the market today and by far the most common siding used in the United States. It is easier to install than other varieties of siding. 

Replacement Wood Siding is a Timeless, Eco-Friendly Classic 

Replacement wood siding is extremely versatile, it can take paint and stain which gives it flexibility that other materials lack. This truly makes the color palette endless.  

Wood siding is an eco-friendly, renewable siding option. Trees continue to grow to produce more, and they will naturally biodegrade. The manufacturing process releases no harmful pollutants. 

Wood siding can be repaired and it does require regular cleaning and sealing. However, this regular maintenance helps preserve the siding and gives it a new regular lease on life.  

Wood siding is timeless and is available in several styles from shiplap, shake, beveled and more. The wide array of styles makes wood siding a natural go-to for modern homes, Victorian homes, rustic homes, and everything in-between. 

Concrete Fiber Board is Built Tough and Beautiful 

James Hardie siding is also known as concrete fiber cement siding. Concrete sounds hard, right? That is because the siding is made of wood fibers and concrete. It is resistant to insects, rot, and extreme weather. 

What is Fiber Cement Siding? 

Cement, sand, water and wood fibers comprise fiber cement siding. This composition is fire-resistant and extremely sturdy. Where some woodpeckers like wood siding, they are not fans of cement fiber siding. Termites cannot eat it and carpenter bees cannot bore holes in it.  

Why Is Fiber Cement Right for My Home? 

James Hardie Board can be painted, or some colors can be pre-baked on. There are several distinctive styles of Hardie siding that can meet the goals of your home’s exterior. Shanco does recommend using a certified dealer/ installer to ensure that the installation specifications are met and do not jeopardize your warranty.  

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